First Post

I'm not entirely sure that I'll actually be using this website as a blog, not with website such as Tumblr at my disposal but I figure I'll give it a go.

So hello internet, let me introduce you to Angus.

So about a year ago, we adopted Angus from the Animal Welfare League at Kemp's Creek. His name at the shelter was Angus, I couldn't think of anything better which is why his name is still Angus. He's a pretty great companion, though he hates us. He won't sit on your lap or anything but he'll sit next to you on the couch, and that's as much affection as you'll get.

I've always been a cat person, my mum has a fear of dogs stemming from her youth and as such, I never grew up around dogs but I've almost always had a cat. If you were looking for something introspective from my first blog post, I'm sorry to disappoint but instead you're just getting a photo of my cat.

Yes, I'm one of those people.